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Wild World. Wild Times. Wild Opportunities for Change.

There, I said it. This wild world we are all living in is an opportunity to CHANGE. On so many levels. For starters, anyone who thinks that "natural immunity" is now a heathy answer to gracefully escaping the non-ending Pandemic is invited (without judgement) to change their mind. As someone who has spent years healing myself on all levels physically/mentally/spiritually, and now helps others do the same, I am bewildered by all of the supposed "open-minded free-spirited" types who refuse to change their mind, honestly. It's as if they are afraid of what the spiritual community will think if they see the reality of the world and do the right thing for their fellow humans. Hard to calibrate how this is the right path, and it's my challenge to stay in the "no judgement" zone while still speaking out about the importance of sometimes taking one for the team and getting vaccinated. My sister works in a hospital in Florida. I worry about her daily. My nephew goes to a high school in Florida where he says only 50% of the kids wear masks. Worrisome, indeed.

It's disheartening to see so many of these "spiritual" and "health-conscious" types advocating NOT getting a vaccine that could safe their life, and ultimately those of many others. Do these people NOT want to get back to some semblance of an enjoyable lifestyle where we can freely eat in restaurants, dance at concerts, hug our friends, host birthday parties, celebrate life on special occasion vacations, attend weddings, travel spontaneously? That's the short list of what I personally miss. And I, like many, embraced the first year of the pandemic and took it as a sign to slow down, stay home, chill out, read, bake, meditate, play with my dogs, focus on staying healthy. I did my time while awaiting the free, potentially life-saving vaccine that I got without hesitation back in March as soon as it was offered to me.

Sure, I wish I didn't have to let a random pharmacist at the Safeway in Maui Lani jab me with a vaccine in order for this to move the world ahead. But, I didn't see having a choice given I wanted to take a few flights this year in order to get back to making a living which involves traveling through airports and on airplanes and staying in hotels. I am pretty sure my parents also didn't hesitate to bring me to the doctor for my shots required to move ahead in life, as in..."go to kindergarten".

I also chose NOT to visit certain parts of the world in the past due to their requirement for meds I didn't want to take (ie, malaria pills). That was more about not wanting to endure the potential side effects while I was traveling, and so I've avoided going to high-ris malaria zones in Africa. But I've traveled the world, and always do so knowing that it's on me to abide by the requirements or choose not to go. So why is now any different?

If you want to travel through to and through the world, including my little corner here in Hawaii, vaccines should be mandated. I am getting really tired of reading the daily updates about how "bad" it's getting here in Hawaii. Truth is, it's been "BAD" all along with too many anti-masker, anti-vaxxers dictating that their "Freedom" is more important than public healthy and community safety---both of which are now at risk. I know I'll lose some friends/followers over speaking my truth. Truth is, I don't care. I'm tired of living somewhere that preaches "practice aloha" and "live pono" when over 30% of the people here are hypocrites. They'll fight for their "freedom" at the expense of other's lives, which is pretty much the most NON-ALOHA thing I've ever heard.

Just like Republicans who saw the craziness of supporting our former president jumped the fence to support the calm, rational leader who is doing his utmost to lead us through this mess he inherited, it's more than anti-vaxxers to get vaccinated stat. NO judgment. Rather, admiration for being on the right side of history. Thanks for reading. And I get it if you want to unfriend/unfollow me. I know not everyone agrees with my point of view on CHANGE (of mind) being the only way out.

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