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For The Love of Cookies

By Stacy Hope Small, CEO, Stacy Maui Cookies, Inc

As we enter this last month of this crazy year, it has pushed me really hard to reflect on where I am, where I was a year ago, and where I plan to go. A year ago, I had decided to move back to Maui with my three rescue dogs. I knew it was time. I was exhausted from two years of constant traveling, 24/7 first-world problem-solving, and I was craving more peace, more JOY and better health.

Never in a million years could I have predicted a Pandemic would ground me on Maui for the entire year and decimate my $18 million travel business, but here we are. And, suddenly, after 15 years as a luxury travel advisor/CEO of Elite Travel, I am the Chief Baker and CEO + Founder of Stacy Maui Cookies, Inc. My “secret” joy-inducing, guilt-free, gluten-free/grain-free/vegan cookies are no longer a secret!

After months of “testing” the local market and gifting my “healthier” cookies to local friends, chefs, restaurateurs, I was guided to keep going down this path of “Sparking JOY one healthier cookie at a time”. Over and over, taste-testers told me how “magical” these cookies taste. I know that is because of the high-vibe energy that exists here on Maui, coupled with the healing reiki energy I infuse into every hand-mixed small batch of Stacy Maui Cookies.

In these stressful times for so many of us, with so many unexpected and forced lifestyle changes, it brings me joy to create healthier cookies so many people can eat and enjoy. Our tagline is a reminder of why we are here, and why we are on a mission to create the best-tasting “healthier” cookie on the planet. By healthier, I mean…it’s gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, low glycemic and free of any preservatives found in store-bought cookies in this category.

My cookies are meant to be enjoyed freshly baked. We bake fresh to order, and ship out to the mainland via two-day Fed Ex to ensure maximum freshness and deliciousness. The JOY factor is highest that way, as it reminds me how happy I was as a kid walking into the bakery with my dad buying freshly baked blueberry muffins and chocolate chip cookies.

Life became more challenging when I was diagnosed with celiac disease and advised to ditch dairy, too. I had always loved cookies, and I resigned myself to buying the limited products labeled gluten-free on the store shelves 20 years ago before “gluten-free” became trendy. I tried whatever I could find, in hopes I’d fall in love with an existing gluten-free/vegan cookie. When that failed to happen, and I was told in 2016 to cut out ALL grains, I started fantasizing about creating a GRAIN-FREE dairy-free cookie that I would love. I figured if the Siete Foods family could create a delicious grain-free tortilla chip, I could do it with cookies.

Well…fast forward to 2020. I am enmeshed in my life on Maui baking cookies that are healthier because of what I do not put in them, and due to my passion for creating a cookie that truly sparks JOY. Even if you’re not a celiac or a vegan, I want you to love these cookies. I pour my love for deliciousness & healthier food into every batch of Stacy Maui Cookies. I know this is what sets us apart. I didn’t set out to be a Healthy Cookie Baker in this lifetime, but it appears that is my destiny and I’m going with it….For the LOVE of (Healthier) Cookies!



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