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"Inner peace comes from within, and joy is always a choice."

- Stacy Hope Small

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If you told her a few years ago that she would be guided to share what she has learned along her own spiritual healing journey, Stacy would have said "no way!". As the CEO of a busy luxury travel company who moved to Maui to find peace after losing both parents to cancer, privately healing herself from stress-induced illnesses and recovering from grief-related trauma was her top priority. Spiritual teachers like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Rebecca Rosen greatly influenced Stacy with lessons in manifestation, self-healing, and intention-setting. These are the pillars of the customized healing services Stacy is now offering to her clients globally who are craving deeper peace and authentic joy.

As a highly-sensitive empath, Stacy understands the unique requirements to thrive and stay calm amidst the chaos. Sharing her observations on social media and writing about them in her first book Why Not Me?!? 12 Lessons a Year on an Island Taught Me About Living my Dreams, and How You Can Live Yours, Too  drew her closer to her calling as an Intuitive Spiritual Coach with a focus on Energy Shifting and Distance Reiki Healing.


"Life happens FOR us, not TO us."

- Wayne Dyer


After practicing on a few friends, and during the Pandemic, it became clear to Stacy that many could benefit from a customized spiritual toolkit filled with her intuitive recommendations on music, meditations, nutrition, life-shifts complemented by energy shifts accomplished via distance reiki and energy clearing. When she lived on Maui in 2016, as part of her spiritual journey, Stacy was guided to a Master Reiki healer who quickly showed her in just a few sessions how effective this peace-inducing, energy-shifting technique could be. She was fascinated by how many things came up during each session that needed to be released or tuned into. She also loved how relaxing the treatments were. Within a year, Stacy was guided to take the level one, level two and then the Master Reiki training so she could share the gifts she had been receiving with others in need.

As a serial dog rescuer, Stacy has been practicing her hands-on reiki healing skills on her pups for several years. The changes in their demeanor and shift in energy (from anxiety-ridden to loving and happy!) has much to do with the daily reiki/crystal healing sessions she gives them. And during the Pandemic, with forced separations and many souls under serious stress and in need of an energy shift, Small has worked with clients from Paris to Texas to the other side of Maui. She loves putting her “healing hands” to work helping people feel better.

Energy blocks need clearing.

Vibes need raising.

Reiki heals.


Contact Stacy today if you’re ready to experience more peace, clarity and joy in your life on all levels.


"...Energy healing was new to me, so I was happy to give something different a try. Being in Austin, TX, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Maui, but all I can say is that Stacy’s healing energy came through... During the session I could feel her despite the thousands of miles between us, and afterwards she had interesting and helpful advice based on her reading of me. I’m excited to have this new form of self care to draw on, and highly recommend."

- Beth Friedman

Austin, TX


"I honestly didn't know what to expect from an "over the phone" session with Stacy, and I was so impressed! Stacy has a true gift. I experienced an incredibly powerful energy shift during  my session... and all the way in France. I highly recommend Stacy's healing services for anyone, no matter where you are in the world. As Master Yoda would say: 'The force is very strong in this one.'"

- Madeline F.

Digital Nomad



“Stacy Small has intentionally cultivated her gift for an awareness of energy, ability to tune into another person and share insight, and allow for gentle shifts of energy. In my sessions with Stacy, I have noticed an immediate connection, rise in energy, and the experience of feeling held, safe, and contained. I recommend her work for anyone needing compassionate energetic support as well as gentle shifts to support inner clarity and wholeness. Stacy’s life experience, well-traveled open-hearted mindset allow her to hold space with ease. In a remote session, you feel she is nearby creating an atmosphere of trust and transformation.”

-Felicia Tomasko, RN
Ayurvedic Practitioner 

Editor-in-Chief LA YOGA Magazine

Los Angeles, CA


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